Why Alaska


Come and join global companies already doing business in Alaska such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Tourism, Commercial Fishing, Department of Defense, and much-much more. Come explore Alaska. We have room to grow.

Long known as a paradise for outdoorsmen, Alaska also boasts a climate rich in opportunities for business and investment. A low tax base, a highly educated workforce and access to global markets provide a strong foundation on which to build and grow.

Anchored by traditional industries such as mining, oil and gas, fishing, and tourism, roughly 80 percent of the state’s GDP in generated by private industry.  Whether just starting out or seeking to expand, Alaska has the tools and resources to meet business and industry demands.

What places Alaska ahead of the pack, however, is the 49th state’s combination of urban lifestyle and rugged outdoors that create the perfect home for your employees looking for the ultimate in work-life balance.