Financing & Capital


The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) secures and deploys capital for economic growth and job opportunities in Alaska across commercial, industrial and infrastructure sectors without the use of grants. AIDEA’s financing programs include Commercial Loan Participations, Revenue Bond Issuances, Project Finance, Loan Guarantees, and Industrial Infrastructure Development. AIDEA participates as an equal partner in projects with private sector developers and their financial partners to support and grow economic engines throughout the State.

Division of Economic Development – Investments Section

The Division of Economic Development, Investments Section, administers and services ten loan programs under the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development. These programs were primarily designed to promote economic development through direct state lending in industries and areas of the state that are not adequately serviced by the private sector.

The loan programs include Commercial Fishing, Fisheries Enhancement, Small Business Economic Development, Rural Development Initiative Fund, Microloan, Alternative Energy Conservation, Mariculture, Commercial Charter Fisheries, Community Quota Entity and Capstone Avionics. Assumptions of existing loans are also available to a number of loan programs.

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