• Alaska Regional Development Organizations (ARDORs)
  • Anchorage Economic Development Corporation
  • Bering Strait Development Council
  • Copper Valley Development Association
  • Fairbanks North Star Borough Economic Development Commission
  • Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District
  • Northwest Arctic Borough Economic Development Council
  • Prince William Sound Economic Development District
  • Southeast Conference
  • Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference
  • Yukon-Kuskokwim Economic Development Council

ARDOR Program Overview

The ARDOR Program's mission has remained consistent throughout the years: to encourage the formation of regional development organizations to prepare and implement regional development strategies ( alaska Statute 44.33.896). Through regional development strategies, local knowledge, and coordinated implementation, ARDORs champion economic development planning for Alaska’s regions and communities by leveraging baseline support provided by the State of Alaska.

About the ARDORs

As partners of the State of Alaska and leaders of regional economic development efforts, ARDORs serve as conduits to a network of economic development programs and support services for their regions, communities, and businesses. Although ARDORs have much in common and implement similar scopes of work, the form and function of each ARDOR is customized to the region. Decisions are made by elected or appointed boards of directors that reflect the economic diversity and character of the region.

ARDOR Work Plans

ARDORs develop customized work plans that contain goals, objectives, and strategies for addressing regional economic development needs including:

  1. Facilitating development of a healthy regional economy that results in sustainable business growth, new business investment, and economic diversification.
  2. Identifying and working to eliminate regional economic development barriers.
  3. Developing and implementing a comprehensive economic development strategy.
  4. Coordinating regional planning efforts that result in new employment and business opportunities.
  5. Working to enable multiple communities to collaborate and pool limited resources.
  6. Strengthening partnerships with public, private, and non-government organizations.
  7. Providing technical assistance to encourage business startup, retention, and expansion.

For more information, please see the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development's website. 

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