Alaska’s health care industry has grown steadily during the past 20 years and that trend is expected to continue. Even in Alaska’s smallest rural communities, where jobs are often scarce, health care offers year-round employment opportunities. In 2010, the industry provided 31,800 jobs and had a payroll of $1.53 billion.

As baby boomers turn 65, Alaska will have more senior citizens than at any other time in history. If current projections are accurate, there could be 124,857 people ages 65 and older by 2034. With a major customer base for health care likely to increase by more than 125 percent, the population growth will most likely equate to continued industry growth. The ongoing expansion of the state’s hospitals and clinics, and the adaptation of new technologies, will also contribute to industry growth. More information can be found here.

Pharmaceuticals is a growing industry for Alaska. Areas of strength are research and development, outsourcing strategy, and distribution logistics. These are all areas where the sector can rely on an efficient and supportive business environment.