Alaska has some of the most innovative people in the world. Combine this talent with advanced manufacturing technologies, and global manufacturing companies can evolve, grow, and thrive.

The future will bring together the digital world with the physical world. Sophisticated software, sensors, and massive amounts of data and analytics will help bring us smarter products and more efficient processes. This will encourage more closely connected customers, suppliers and manufacturers. That’s where Alaska fits into this picture.

Alaska’s global logistics puts all manufacturing facilities within 9.5 hours of 90 percent of the industrialized world. Ted Stevens International Airport has daily flights to Europe and Asia, and FedEx and UPS both have international hubs located in Anchorage.

Alaska supports development across an array of industries today including oil and gas, mining, aviation, military, mariculture, and even alternative energy generation and deployment. The University of Alaska has amazing research laboratories, and accomplished science and engineering programs. Another great feature is Alaska’s varying climates, from deserts to rain forests. This is great when conducting product field testing.

Talent continues to be a key competitive differentiator. This and innovation enabled by exponential technologies can help manufacturers experience faster growth, more agility, and discover new forms of value. Advanced manufacturing firms will find a prosperous business environment in Alaska.

  • Global location advantage / Shipping hub
  • Access to engineering graduates
  • High speed, high bandwidth connectivity
  • Various climates available for product field testing
  • Maker spaces available for innovators
  • Significant commercial and industrial space available